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Use this page and the links provided to help you research opportunities to share God's Word in a mission setting other than at Grace.

Kingdom Workers


Kingdom Workers spreads the Gospel by deploying Christians in locally sustainable mission work, addressing spiritual and physical needs in communities worldwide. 


Kingdom Workers was created to use the gifts, talents, and treasure of Christians in mission work, making disciples under the Great Commission! 

 Kingdom Workers deploys resources and mission workers in cooperation with local people committed to Christ and their community. Local ownership of the relationships, work, and outcomes are always a priority. As a result, leadership is strengthened, people are served, and the Gospel of Christ is declared. 

In everything Kingdom Workers does, the ultimate goal is to share the Gospel. In some cases, we build churches or bring access to clean water. In other places we teach English or sustainable farming. The methods may vary, but the message is constant - God loves you and cares for you. 

Want to serve?
Check out opportunities at kingdomworkers.com/opportunities


Truth in Love Ministries

Truth in Love Ministry was founded by Pastor Mark Cares to reach Mormons with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

The seeds of Truth in Love Ministry were first planted in the outreach ministry of Messiah Lutheran Church in Nampa, ID. When Rev. Mark Cares arrived in the late 1980’s, he met many Mormons but knew very little about Mormonism. While canvassing neighborhoods, he attempted to argue and debate the theology and history of Mormonism, but didn’t find this approach effective. Over the course of the next several years, Pastor Cares studied the theology and culture of Mormonism and developed a different approach. By utilizing the language and terminology of Mormonism, he focused on bringing messages based on God’s Word that touched on the stresses of a man-focused religion.

The power of God’s Word worked.

Messiah Lutheran Church began to grow with a number of his congregation being ex-Mormons who became Christian.

Due to these blessings and the encouragement of his congregation, Mark wrote a book entitled, “Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons” which was first published in 1995. Mark received numerous invitations to speak and was invited on many Christian radio programs to share his Christ-centered approach. The book continues to be widely used today as a means to share God’s Word with Mormons.

To take more advantage of opportunities to encourage Christians to utilize the approach taught by Mark’s book, Truth in Love Ministry was established as a separate non-profit 501 (c)3 organization in 2005.

Want to serve?
To learn more, visit tilm.org.


Lighthouse Youth Center

The benefits of Lighthouse Youth Center will extend beyond the youth who use it. Lighthouse Youth Center will provide the community with a central location where youth can gather safely for recreational activities, receive assistance on their academic assignments, enjoy the positive influence of adult Christian mentors, and have opportunities to study and discuss the truths of Scripture.

Through collaborative partnerships with nearby schools, we will be able to focus on the scholastic needs of individual children and assist them in the most effective way. Families will see their children reflecting the Christ-like attitude that includes healthy morals and respectful relationships between child and adult. Parents will be able to use Lighthouse as a partner in raising their family.

Community service projects will be organized to encourage a sense of neighborhood pride. Most importantly, the truths of Scripture will be taught, and the love of Christ will permeate everything we do.

Want to serve?
Make a difference serving thousands of Milwaukee kids. If you would like Information about Volunteering to the Lighthouse Youth Center please contact Pastor James Buske at 414.477.8379, or visit lighthouseyouthcenter.com.


English as a Second Language through English Language Partners of Wisconsin

Through small-group English classes, Americans and immigrants develop relationships of mutual respect that result in immigrants' integration in the U.S. society and a warm welcome into communities of support.

To fulfill this mission, ELPW 

    1. Provides opportunities for immigrant adults to acquire and improve literacy skills and practice English for extended periods of time with fluent English speakers. 
    2. Offers a congenial environment where native-born Americans and immigrants can forge friendships and work together with their new friends to build bridges across cultures for a stronger, more unified community.
    3. Uses researched “best practices” in literacy training and ESL and develops, tests, and promotes new models of volunteer-based outreach to other organizations in changing communities.

Immigrants immediately benefit because specific English language needs are met and they are equipped to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

Because of the equal involvement of American citizens, the community will change to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Want to learn more?
Visit elpw.org to learn how you can get involved.


New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a long-term, Christian-based program that offers structure and spiritual guidance for a young mother and her new baby. Mothers are invited to stay at the home up to one year following the birth of their child. In that time they can learn the skills needed to manage a household while adjusting as a new family. 

New Beginnings – A Home for Mothers was created by Christian Life Resources in 1993 to provide a safe, clean and caring environment for both pregnant women and new mothers in need. In late 1998, New Beginnings was located in the metro-Denver area of Colorado. In 2014 the home relocated to its current home facility. Although New Beginnings is located in the Milwaukee area, we welcome referrals from across the country. This home houses up to four women and their children in furnished apartments equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. The New Beginnings program includes house rules, 24-hour staff accountability, program management, professional counseling opportunities, and other services and resources.

Want to learn more?
Visit homeformothers.com to learn more about this ministry.