Weekly Worship

In the Bible, God brings to us his unchanging and saving truth. With such a foundation, built on the person and work of Jesus Christ, our hope springs eternal.

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Worship Theme: Awaiting the Final Judgment

Sermon Theme: You Did It for Me


Worship Theme: Serving God Faithfully

Sermon Theme: The Kind of Servant that God Desires


Worship Theme: Living in Spiritual Wisdom as We Look Forward to the Eternal Feast

Sermon Theme: Wake Up!


In life, you often find yourself weary and tired; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Wouldn't it be great if there was something that refreshed you and energized you spiritually? Jesus offered this kind of eternal energy drink to a woman, as found in John 4:5-26, and he offers "The Eternal Energy Drink" to you too. 


“It’s time to sing!” I just love how our Lutheran hymns end. The stanza 4s or 5s. You can look this up - usually the last stanza either praises our triune God or ends with the joyful bliss and glory of heaven. It doesn’t matter the topic or the trouble - for example, we have hymns that confess our sins “with broken heart and contrite sigh”(Christian Worship #303) - so real - let’s your crushed spirit convey your disappointment and lowly plea - “O God , be merciful to me.” And yet, when I find myself surrounded by … me and my own wrongdoings, I hope I learn from these hymns that it’s time to sing


I’m going out on a limb, but my guess is that many of the people here today have little hands-on experience with a garden. Why wait for cucumber seeds to fan out in all directions so that you have to bend over and pick through the vines every other day for an hour looking for cucumbers just the right size, then stand for hours at the stove stuffing, steaming, and boiling jar after jar, when you can just go to Pick N’ Save and buy a jar of pickles?