Jesus’ First Miracle

There once was a great king. He had tons of land and people under his rule. He was a terror to those who opposed him but fair to those under his rule. By all accounts this king was exactly what people thought a king should be! Those who lived in his kingdom obeyed and honored him. He was loved by all the people that he ruled. No one on earth was greater than he was. No one else had an empire as large or as powerful. No one else ordered or sponsored the great leaps in technology that he did. No one else had servants as numerous or as willing to serve. 

Finally the king came to the conclusion that, if no one else was as powerful as him on earth then maybe no one else was as powerful as him in heaven either. He commanded his people to build a monument to him, a monument worthy of himself and the worship he now decided he deserved. He had done great things, he had even helped many people, but in the end all his great deeds were just about himself and the power he could gain. 

This story of this king was left vague on purpose. Many kings or leaders in history fit this description pretty well. Emperors, presidents, prime ministers, kings, and dictators have all done “great” things for the wrong reasons. There is one ruler though who did far greater things and always for the right reason. 

Read John 2:1-11 CLICK HERE TO READ

We are taken back in time to Jesus attending a wedding. We might think that our weddings and receptions are a big deal now but back in Jesus’ time they lasted for days! As everyone enjoys the wedding we are told that the wine runs out. This would have been very embarrassing for the new family because there was still time left in the celebration and they were expected to provide for their guests the entire time. People are worried and trying to figure out what to do. In comes Jesus, the time was right for him to do a great thing. Jesus tells the servants to go fill some very large jars with water and take that water to the master of the banquet. Somewhere between the servants bringing the water to Jesus and then taking it to the master to be tried, all of that water (120-180 gallons) changed into wine. Not just any wine though! This was the best wine the master had tasted at this party! 

Why did Jesus do this great deed, this miracle? Was it so that he could start to build an empire, conquer the world, and be the most powerful person this world has ever seen? Jesus could have built an empire, he could have conquered the world, and yes Jesus was in fact the most powerful person this world has ever seen. That wasn’t why Jesus did this first miracle though or any of his miracles for that matter. We are told in verse 11 that, “[Jesus] thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.” Jesus did these miracles so that a small group of people would believe that he was God. Jesus knew he needed to die on the cross. Jesus knew that his mission on earth wasn’t about getting great power for himself. It was about taking all of our sins away on the cross and about the small group of people that knew he was the Savior and would tell others about it! Jesus did many great things so that his disciples and now us would believe that he is our Savior. The greatest thing he did was shun earthly power and humble himself so that he could be that Savior for us on the cross!

Prayer Together:Dear Lord Jesus, thank you so much for doing so many great things so that we could have faith in you and what you have done for us. We offer the praise that you rightly deserve and worship you not as an earthly king but as our heavenly Savior! Amen. 

Discussion Questions

There are still many powerful people on earth who are doing great things even today. What is important to remember as we look to those people for earthly help and guidance? 

Even though Jesus did miracles, not everyone who saw them believed. In the same way today, not everyone that we tell about Jesus believes. Why not?

Why is it still important that we tell other people about Jesus being our Savior, even if they don’t listen?

This was only Jesus’ first miracle. He did many more miracles during his ministry. How does that serve as a good example for us as we tell other people about Jesus?