Jesus is Crucified

READ TOGETHER: Luke 23:26-43

Jeffrey raced down the stairs two at a time. He zoomed into the kitchen and poured himself a bowl of cereal as he said good morning to his mom and dad. He shoveled big bites into his mouth and in a matter of seconds his cereal was gone. Jeffrey stood up and started slurping down the extra milk in the bowl as he sped towards the sink. Jeffrey's mom and dad watched in amazement as their son ran through the house like a whirlwind, grabbing his hat, shoes and basketball. “I’m going to the park to shoot hoops with Stevie!” Jeffrey called out as he opened the front door and tried to hurry out.

“Not so fast!” His dad called out from the kitchen, “Can you come in here a second?” Jeffrey begrudgingly sets his basketball down and closes the front door. Jeffrey rushes into the kitchen, anxious to hear what his dad has to say and be on his way. “Did you brush your teeth this morning?” Jeffrey’s dad asks as he gives his son a stern look. 

“No, but I don’t have time, I have to go meet Stevie!” Jeffrey is bouncing up and down on his heels as he protests. 

“I don’t think I have to remind you…” Jeffrey’s dad began.

“That brushing your teeth is important, I know.” Jeffrey finishes the sentence as he walks back upstairs to brush his teeth. 

The format of our devotion changed a little bit this week. If you read the scripture reading first then you are probably now wondering how Jesus’ death on the cross and Jeffrey forgetting to brush his teeth have anything to do with each other. When your parents started reading the scripture lesson did you think or maybe say, “We just learned this at Easter time! I’ve heard the story of Jesus on the cross a million times.” We all know that Jesus death on the cross was important, but it can be easy to think just like Jeffrey did about teeth brushing. Since we already know and hear this message all the time, can’t we just skip it? 

To answer that question I would like to point to the thief on the cross. The thief had skipped out on the message of Jesus, he had continued to do bad things, he had even been mocking Jesus as they both hung on the cross. As he hangs there and hears what people are shouting, the Holy Spirit works on his heart and the thief realizes that he had been skipping something important. He realized, through the Holy Spirit, that Jesus was his Savior and when he confesses that Jesus even tells him that he will see him in Heaven! 

Teeth brushing is important for our dental health. It’s good for us to remember to brush twice a day. Knowing that Jesus is our Savior is important for our eternal salvation! It is so much bigger and more important than any other information we could possibly know! The thief on the cross probably knew plenty of important things, but do you think he was glad that the Holy Spirit led him to not skip the message about Jesus one last time? God be praised that we all already know the important message about Jesus and God be praised every time we get to be reminded about how truly important it is!

PRAYER TOGETHER: Dear Lord Jesus, help us to never grow tired of hearing about all that you have done for us on the cross. Help us to treasure your word and your forgiveness no matter how many times we hear it! Amen.


Discussion Questions:

What would have happened to the thief on the cross if he would have skipped the message about Jesus while he was on the cross?


What very real and scary thing could happen to us if we started skipping the truth about what Jesus did for us on the cross all the time?


Read Romans 8:38-39. What comfort do we get from this verse when it comes to believing in God? 


If we continue to learn about God’s Word and be reminded of Jesus and the forgiveness he won for us, is there anything in the whole entire world that can take that away from us?