The First Lord’s Supper

Our lives can be full of “last times” we get to do things. There are last times we get to have a certain teacher. Last day of being in the grade we just graduated from. Last game with a sports team. Last lap before you graduate swim lessons. Last time singing with a school choir. Last play-date before a friend moves. These times are often looked at as sad times. We see them as sad because we realize we won’t get to do that again. Even just writing this devotion makes me want to lace up some basketball shoes and throw on a Holy Word Eagles jersey one last time. 

In our Bible reading today we are going to learn about a supper. In fact this is a lesson about the last supper that Jesus ever got to eat. Some Bibles even title this story “The Last Supper”. There is something way more important going on in this story than Jesus’ last meal though. To find out what that is please read through Mark 14:10-26.

READ TOGETHER: Mark 14:10-26

From an earthly point of view this story is really sad. It’s the last time Jesus gets to eat supper with his friends before he dies. It’s the last time Jesus would celebrate the Passover. Jesus’ friend Judas had betrayed him and was going to turn him over to the Pharisees. To make at all even more sad is the fact that Jesus’ friends and disciples probably didn’t even realize, despite all the warnings and hints that this would be the last time for so many things before Jesus’ death on the cross. 

However, if you look to the top of this devotion you might notice that I didn’t call this lesson “The Last Supper” but rather “The First Lord’s Supper”! This was the very first time that the Lord’s Supper happened. Jesus even tells his disciples to do this again so that they could remember what Jesus’ did for them! His disciples did keep doing it and still to this day we celebrate the Lord’s Supper! When your parents go up to the front of church to get communion they are celebrating the Lord’s Supper and remember what Jesus has done for them. There are many blessings from the Lord’s Supper that you will learn about in confirmation class that make it very important and special. Someday you will get to go up with your parents and celebrate the Lord’s Supper too! The story of this supper can seem like a sad one but we know how the story ends, we just celebrated Jesus’ resurrection at Easter! We also know that this supper wasn’t just full of “lasts” but that it was a very important “first.”

PRAY TOGETHER: Dear heavenly Father, thank you for turning what seemed like a sad day of lasts into a celebrated day of firsts. Help us to remember that you are always in control and that we always are blessed by you! In your name we pray. Amen.


Discussion Questions:

What are some things that make our Bible lesson from today seem like a sad time?


When we have a sad time, or are faced with some “lasts”, what would be a good thing to remember?


Someday you will learn lots of reasons for why we still celebrate the Lord’s Supper. What is one easy reason to remember from this lesson?