Jesus’ Ascension

In the original Disney movie Dumbo, (I know that there has been a remake recently) there is a line from a song that goes, “I think I’ve seen just about everything, when I’ve seen an elephant fly.” An old saying goes, “I’ll believe that when pigs fly!” We know that there are simply things that don’t fly. You will never see an elephant with its ears spread out wide soaring through the sky, nor will you ever see a pig sprout wings and just start flapping and flying around the farm. 

For a long time people couldn’t fly either. We live in a world now where anyone can jump on a plane and fly from one place to another. People that are bold enough can put on crazy suits and soar through the air at high speeds. You can even have some fun and search for videos about water jet packs that let you fly over top of lakes or oceans. Ever since the Wright brothers figured out their first airplane, mankind has been obsessed with flying. Hollywood and comic books have given us heroes that can fly, we dream up new ways to fly, we want to even fly high enough to explore in space! All of these instances of flying require help though. Either we use advanced technology, a green screen, or an artist can simply draw a man in a red cape soaring above a skyscraper. Even with all this knowledge about flying, people do not simply just fly up into the sky on their own! 

In the first chapter of Acts the disciples experience this very phenomenon! Today we are going to read about a time that Jesus just flew up into the air and left his disciples to do some very important things.

READ TOGETHER: Acts 1:1-11

A group of men are just walking and talking when suddenly one of them just starts floating into the air. As people who have seen movies, we can probably picture this scene pretty easily. The disciples are standing there, Jesus is slowly floating up into the sky until a cloud covers him up. This isn’t a scene from a movie though and the disciples had never even seen anything fly that wasn’t supposed to, fake or not. This was very real. This was the Son of God using his divine power to show his disciples that he was going back to heaven. 

Why was all of this important though? Last week we talked about Jesus’ resurrection. When he rose on Easter that proved that he had conquered death. Now he is ascending back to Heaven to show that someday we will rise up to Heaven to be with him forever. Jesus has taken away our sins, he has conquered death, and the gates of Heaven are open and Jesus is loving preparing to welcome us there forever!

PRAYER TOGETHER: Dear Lord, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to conquer sin and death. We know that Jesus is still with us, even from his place in Heaven and that someday we will all be together in Heaven with you! In Jesus name, amen.

Discussion Questions:

How do you think you would have felt if you were one of Jesus’ disciples that day?


Jesus could have just *poofed* back into Heaven whenever he wanted. Why do you think he decided to ascend in front of his disciples instead?


When we picture Jesus rising up into Heaven, what comforting truth do we think of?