Saul Becomes a Believer

When the Johnson family entered the grocery store, everyone looked at them. It wasn’t because everyone knew them or they were wearing funny hats, no, it was because little Jenny Johnson was throwing a massive fit. Everyone stared awkwardly as Mr. Johnson put Jenny into the grocery cart seat and pushed into the store, little Jenny crying the whole way. 

Fifteen minutes later the Johnson family returned to the front of the store to check out. Only this time only their cashier noticed them. There sat little Jenny, calm and quiet as a mouse. “How is this the same little girl that came into the store wailing?” thought the cashier. Mr. Johnson smiled and paid for his groceries and the Johnson family left the store without any more fuss. What was their secret? Truth be told it was a combination of little Jenny running out of breath and her noticing that Mr. Johnson had put her favorite kind of cereal in the cart without her bugging him at all. The change might have seemed amazing to the cashier but Mr. Johnson knew how he was going to change his daughter’s attitude. In our story today we will read about a man who no one thought could ever be a help to the church, in fact, he hurt the church all the time! God knew how he was going to change that man’s heart though and use him in service to his ministry. 

Read Together: Acts 9:1-31 CLICK HERE TO READ

Saul (who would later have his name changed to Paul) had done a lot of bad things to Christians. He wanted to make sure that there were no Christians anywhere. He even was travelling to try to get rid of Christians that lived in towns that he didn’t even live in! On his way though, he hears Jesus’ voice and the Holy Spirit starts to work on Saul’s heart. By the end of the Bible reading he is preaching the good news about Jesus to other people! What a crazy change!

We were a lot like Saul and little Jenny once. We were totally against what our heavenly Father was doing. Our souls were crying and kicking and screaming against anything God had to say. Fortunately for us God doesn’t give up on us. Just like God sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to Saul he sends the Holy Spirit to work faith in what Jesus has done for us in our hearts. That faith leads us to be more like the calm little Jenny that left the store than the tantrum throwing Jenny that went in. Even when we do throw tantrums and kick and yell at what God has to say we know that God sent Jesus so that we could be forgiven! 

Prayer Together: Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross and for sending the Holy Spirit to work faith in my heart. Help me to learn and grow in your word and to strive to listen to your word instead of rebel against it. Forgive me when I do rebel against your word and help me to grow closer to you in faith and forgiveness. Amen.

Discussion Questions:

Can you think of a time this last week when you didn’t listen to what God’s Word says? Maybe you didn’t listen to mom or dad, or maybe you did something to bug or hurt a sibling. Now I want you to think about what it would be like if you acted that way all the time? Would people want to be your friend?

Now imagine that even though you acted like that all the time, someone still talked to you and wanted to love you. That is exactly what God did! Why is it so important that God decided to love us even though we weren’t friendly toward him?

We often pray to God the Father or to Jesus. What is something that you could pray to the Holy Spirit? 

Why is it so important to remember that God loves and wants to save even evil people like Saul?