Reading Challenge

#SamePageSummer: Reading Challenge is the next reading challenge, set to run June 1-August 29, 2020.

#SamePageSummer: Reading Challenge

#SamePageSummer: Reading Challenge
June 1-August 29, 2020

Join Most Certainly True and Grace members this summer in reading the entire New Testament! Focusing on the last 27 books of the Bible, readings consist of five days a week, with an occasional six-day week here and there. There are also catch-up days each week that serve as make-up days, rest days, or optional reading days!

Sometimes, being on the "same page" as the people around you can serve as a great means for discussion and fellowship. Take this opportunity to refresh yourself on the New Testament, while also finding the assurance of Christ woven into each page and book of the Bible.

Download and print a schedule (link below), grab a Bible (or your mobile device of choice) and get started! This plan will also be available on YouVersion, an app that allows you to stay connected with fellow readers, track your progress, and load each day's reading--less work for you and it even comes with audio options (if it's not there now, it will be by the first of June)! You could listen while on a morning walk or doing chores around the house. You could listen and read with the kids during lunch, as a reset for the rest of the day, or you could grab a cup of coffee and find a quiet corner to read and meditate on your own. However you consume the Bible, let's do it together, by being on the (literal) same page!

If you have questions about the reading plan or accessing the podcast or any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Hackmann.

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