Choir @ Grace

Whenever believers gather for worship, their worship is enhanced by singers who prepare to lead and enhance the believers’ songs. Grace has a long history of strong choral groups, and that legacy continues today. If you’re looking to become more involved in Grace’s exciting ministry and if the Lord has given a voice to sing, please consider joining one of the Grace Choirs.

The Grace Choir is the main choral group at our church and participates in many Sunday services and festivals such as Christmas and Easter. About 30 adults are active in this ensemble: some retirees, some college students, and the rest somewhere in between. Most of the singers have choir experience and can read music. The choir rehearses from September to May on Thursday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.  in the choir room in the church basement. Because of the size of the group, individual singers are able to miss rehearsals or singing dates occasionally without harming the choir’s efforts. Grace Minister of Music James Tiefel directs the Grace Choir.

The Grace Choir will begin rehearsals for the fall season on Thursday, September 6. Contact Prof. Tiefel for more information at

The Motet Choir is a group of young adults who volunteer to sing at services about ten times from September through May. They add their names to a list of potential singers and respond to emailed invitations to participate in the choir on specific Sundays. Rehearsals are arranged several weeks before the service and are held in the choir room. Motet Choir participants aren’t professionals but do have significant choral experience and are able to read music easily. Angela Hohenstein, a music instructor at Wisconsin Lutheran High School, directs the Motet Choir.

If you’d like more information or desire to be added to the list of singers, contact Angela at

The Men’s Choir is made up of men who enjoy singing and are willing to participate in worship about four or five times from September to May. This group rehearses on several Sunday mornings in advance of the Sunday they are scheduled to sing. Previous choir experience is valuable, but the music is usually not challenging for average singers. Rehearsals are held in the choir room. Chris Dostal directs the Men’s Choir.

If you’d like more information or want Chris to add your name to his list of singers, email him at

The Women’s Choir is making a comeback after a few years of inactivity. Robin Lehninger is the new director and will be contacting Grace women to encourage participation. Like other Grace Choirs, this choir rehearses on several Sundays before participating in worship. Past choir experience helps, but isn’t essential. Rehearsals are held in the choir room.

If you’d like more information or want Robin to add your name to her list of singers, email her at