Reading Challenge

Grace Abounds: Reading Challenge is the next reading challenge, set to run Jan. 27-May 29, 2020.

Grace Abounds: Reading Challenge

Grace Abounds: Reading Challenge
Jan. 27-May 29, 2020

Our congregation is embarking on another reading challenge, starting Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. The book is Grace Abounds: The Splendor of Christian Doctrine, by Prof. Daniel Deutschlander. Many of you have already purchased the book through Grace, but if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can still pick one up from the church office this week or after worship on Sunday. The book is on sale for $30 (and if you want bundle it with the Prepared to Answer book, we are still honoring the deal which gets you both books for $35)!
The reading plan begins on Monday January 27 and schedules five (5) short reading segments per week, with most segments being fairly short (for example, the first week, all five readings total only 17 pages!) This is a very achievable goal and we are hopeful this challenge will serve as a good doctrinal review and a chance to explore the truths of God’s Word in a topical format.   
In addition to the weekly reading plan, we plan to take a section or two of Grace Abounds and use it as the topic for Sunday Morning Bible Class. More specific details will follow in future GraceNotes and emails.

In addition to the readings, you can also tune into our Most Certainly True podcast to hear a weekly discussion on each chapter. You can either subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, access individual episodes on the podcast Facebook page, or find them online on the Grace website by CLICKING HERE. Don’t be intimidated if you are not a regular podcast listener! Double click on the episode (or sermon) you want to listen to, click the blue "Listen" button and then select the Download Now option. A player will appear in your browser and that’s it! You’ll be listening to an episode of Most Certainly True in no time!

 An additional feature of this learning opportunity is that we will answer questions that you might have on the podcast. Email those timely and topical questions to Pastor Hackmann at and we’ll make an effort to answer your question anonymously on the next edition of the podcast.

If you have questions about the reading plan or accessing the podcast or any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Hackmann.

We are all looking forward to this reading and growing journey and are hoping that you are planning on taking it with us.  

Praying that in your life you may see clearly just how much for you God’s Grace Abounds.  

On behalf of the ministry team here at Grace,

- Pastor Brian Hackmann

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