Podcast Readings  

Civil Government is the book that is being discussed on our podcast, Most Certainly True.  

Civil Government

Civil Government: Reading Challenge
Fall 2020 at Grace Downtown

Read along with Grace members as they make their way through Civil Government
Grace's podcast, Most Certainly True will be discussing the book chapter by chapter and we invite you to join us.

You can order the book at a discount from Grace for $13.
You can also order and ship it directly to your home from Northwestern Publishing House (NPH). It's available electronically in Nook and Kindle formats as well.  

If you have any questions on what you are reading, or about how to acquire the book, contact Pastor Hackmann at bhackmann@gracedowntown.org.

CLICK HERE to order Civil Government from Northwestern Publishing House.   

CLICK HERE for the schedule of readings, to keep up with podcast episodes.

CLICK HERE for the latest episodes of Most Certainly True.

You'll grow and benefit from the podcast, even if you don't have the book or fall behind in reading! Just join us, join in growing together and learn more from God's Word about the gift of government. 

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