Join the Grace
Downtown Family

Here you will find all the information you need on you and any friend or family member can become a member of Grace Lutheran Church.

How do I Become a Member at Grace?

Membership at Grace means more than a person’s name on a church roster. Membership is about relationships!

Our new member process aims to nurture those relationships, which includes but is not limited to an agreement together on the truths of the Bible. Unity of belief is not the end, but a powerful beginning to an active church life at Grace.

Those who want to join Grace coming from other WELS churches will be familiar with our beliefs, but are still invited to meet with one of the Grace pastors to establish a connection and relationship. During this meeting, a Grace pastor will ask you questions about your church life, but more importantly the meeting is to get to know you as a person--what you like to do, your hobbies, and how you might like to get involved at Grace as a member. 

For those coming from a non-WELS church or different denomination or synod, or who have little or no religious background at all, you are invited to spend time studying the Bible and what Grace believes as a church in a Bible Information Class (BIC) taught by the pastors. After the completion of Bible Information Class, attendees will have the opportunity to become members (along with baptism and confirmation, if requested), share their interests with the Grace pastoral team, and meet other new faces at Grace at a quarterly New Member Welcome event! 

Whether you have attended regularly attended church your entire life or have never had an active church life until now, you are welcomed--and invited--to join the Grace family of believers!

Interested in learning more about becoming a member? Contact one of our three full time pastors, or call the church office at 414-271-3006 for more information and/or to sign-up for Bible Information Class.