Join Grace Lutheran

Here you will find all the information you need on you and any friend or family member can become a member of Grace Lutheran Church.

How do I Become a Member at Grace?

Members in Bible StudyMembership at Grace means more than a person’s name on a church roster. Membership is about relationships. There’s a “together” aspect of being at Grace which enjoys being together with a merciful God through faith, growing together as lifelong learners of Jesus, spending time together with one another in Christian friendship and support, and going out together into our communities and circles of friends to make a meaningful difference.

Our new member process aims at nurturing those relationships, which includes but is not limited to an agreement together on the truths of the Bible. Unity of belief is not the end, but a powerful beginning to an active church life at Grace.

Those who want to join Grace coming from other WELS churches will be familiar with our beliefs. Others experienced in another church, or who have little or no religious background at all, participate in a Bible information class taught by the pastors.

Togetherness in beliefs then leads to a new member process that nurtures togetherness in relationships with God, church and community.

Interested in learning more about becoming a member? Contact one of our three full time pastors, sign up for Bible Information Class, or call the church office at 414-271-3006 for more information.