A Canaanite Woman’s Faith

A father and son were out on a camping trip. This was the son’s first time camping and he was really excited! There were so many things the son wanted to experience: s’mores, a tent, the stars--but he was most excited about the campfire! When his father asked him to start to gather sticks for the campfire around the campsite he jumped up and started running around grabbing sticks. He returned to his father with his arms full and he helped set the sticks up around the kindling that the father had prepared. When the time came for the fire to be lit the son begged his father to be the one to light it. “I just want to do it this one time!” the son exclaimed. The father looked at his son, knowing that he didn’t mean what he said about only doing it once. Knowing that this would be the first of many fires, the father decided that the son was old enough to learn how to light the fire safely. 

Do you ever feel like the son did? You just know that if you could just get a little bit of something, everything would be okay. Just a little bit of cookie dough, just a little bit more TV time, just get to play with dad’s tools for a little bit, or just skip practice that one time. There is an old saying, “If you give an inch they will take a mile.” We know that if we can get just a little bit, it might open up the way for us to get a lot. Soon we have a tummy ache because just a little bit of cookie dough turned into half a roll. We hardly leave the TV because a little bit more turned into one more episode wouldn’t hurt. We have a bruised thumb because we got overly ambitious with dad’s tools. We haven’t been to practice in a while because something else always comes up. 

There is another old saying though, “A little bit can go a long way!” Sometimes we want just a little bit of something good, and that little bit can do a lot of good! Just a spoonful of medicine can chase away an illness. A little bit of exercise can keep us energetic and fit. A short devotion can remind us each day of how much God loves and cares for us. Today in our scripture reading you will hear about a woman who asks Jesus for just a little bit of a good thing.

Read Together: Mark 7:24-30 CLICK HERE TO READ

In our reading a woman, who wasn’t Jewish asks Jesus to heal her daughter. Jesus tells her that he has come first for the Jews. That is what he means when he says the children need to eat first. The woman knew who Jesus was though, she knew that he had the power to heal and had been doing other miraculous signs. So she asked for just a little bit. She says that even dogs get the scraps that the children drop! She knows that she isn’t Jewish but she also knows that even just a little bit of help from Jesus could heal her daughter. This woman’s response showed her faith in Jesus' power and Jesus uses his power to heal her daughter. A little bit went a long way!

Sometimes we might feel like we don’t have enough or that our life isn’t very happy. It’s at times like that when we have to remember that God’s Word is always good, and that a little bit of a good thing can go a long way!


Prayer Together: Dear Lord Jesus, help us to remember what a blessing that your Word and our faith are. Help us to remember to turn to you in times of trouble because just a little bit of your love and blessings from your Word can go a long way. Amen!


Discussion Questions:

Can you think of a time you wanted just a little bit more of something? Try to think of a time you wanted more of a good thing, and a time you wanted more of a bad thing. Which were you more likely to get?


Why would Jesus tell her that he had come for the Jews first? Was he just being mean?


How is the Canaanite woman’s faith like our own?


What are some things you do when times get tough? What are some good things you can do to get into God’s Word when times are tough?