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From the Bible, we can know that truth is not relative or changeable. There is absolute truth, and it is found in the teaching and person of Jesus Christ.

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“You can’t make this up. In one abnormal afternoon, Jesus paid my taxes. And...he did it by telling me to go fishing and the first fish I caught would have my tax payment inside its mouth. And then crazy thing happened...I went fishing and the first fish I caught had my tax payment inside its mouth!”


Martin Luther once said there were two days on his calendar, this day and the Last Day. Why? Because Luther knew the simple truth the Thessalonians knew and that we all know - that the Last Day will come like a thief in the night. Which doesn’t mean Jesus will come at night, but only this: no one can see his coming. No one can look out the window and say, “Look, Jesus is a block away.” Or at the calendar, “Only five more days.” No, he’ll come unexpectedly. No one can predict it.


I’m going out on a limb, but my guess is that many of the people here today have little hands-on experience with a garden. Why wait for cucumber seeds to fan out in all directions so that you have to bend over and pick through the vines every other day for an hour looking for cucumbers just the right size, then stand for hours at the stove stuffing, steaming, and boiling jar after jar, when you can just go to Pick N’ Save and buy a jar of pickles?

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