Reading Challenge

Prepared to Answer: Reading Challenge is a new reading challenge, coming fall 2019.

Prepared: Reading Challenge

Prepared to Answer: Reading Challenge
October 7-November 22, 2019

"Through the use of divinely inspired narratives such as this, we give people something they'll remember, something that gains entrance to their minds, that will stay with them, even when they don't yet understand it. This is what it means to plant a seed. Something alive and waiting hidden in the shell of the story. The people don't know what it is or what it means. And then, one day...they do." - Mark A. Paustian

This next reading challenge will have readers working their way through Prepared to Answer: Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told. Schedules with the readings for the week were available in this week's worship folders, however you can also download a schedule below. Readings will be discussed on upcoming episodes of the Most Certainly True podcast, so stay tuned! Contact Pastor Bondow at with any questions.

Download the Prepared to Answer Reading Challenge Schedule HERE

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