"10 for 10"

People will invariably give beneath their ability when they fail to put the Bible’s teaching on firstfruits and proportionate giving into practice. Others give at their ability. This happens when people, confident in God’s blessing, prayerfully and thoughtfully practice firstfruits and proportional
giving. Finally, one can even give beyond their ability. That’s the case when God’s people step out in faith and give in a way that, humanly speaking, doesn’t add up.

Scripture tells us of people who, even in their poverty, opened up their hands and gave beyond their ability. They gave from the overflow of their hearts. How could they do this? They simply trusted in God’s unlimited ability to care for them.

These biblical accounts of heartfelt giving are another one of God’s blessings to us. May we hear them, be inspired by them, and—as God gives us opportunity—make them our own story!

Sermon on Mark 12:41-44 preached at Grace Ev. Lutheran Church by Pastor Aaron Strong.


Gracious God, all that I have comes from you: my body and mind, my strength and intelligence, my time and abilities, my energy and possessions. Guard me from the temptation to use these gifts only for my personal benefit. Make me willing to use them joyfully in service to you and to your people. Amen.