God the Father Almighty: Our Provider and Protector


My Personal Reflection
"Really, Ryan?" (when you read that, please be sure you apply a healthy dose of sarcasm)  That is my reaction after contemplating the seven (7) questions (#130 - 136) tied to Preservation (pg. 137-142 in Luther's Catechism).  
Why? Because recognizing and believing that God is my Provider and Protector is all too often a blind spot ... a personal oversight.  For example, I find myself frustrated/annoyed because I want more, believe I NEED more... think I deserve more, newer, updated provisions and securities (aka - "blessings").  That closet of clothes is too old or out of style... a window in the vehicle with 165,000 miles no longer works ... the house is showing its age (need to replace the roof, siding, sure could use a security system, etc.) ... I fail to acknowledge and marvel at how that car did not hit mine... my list goes on and on and on.
Plainly, I regularly fail to see that my complaints target God's grace.  Lord, forgive me!
Catechism #130 - 136 Musings
130. What are the all things God does to provide for his creation?
- e.g., He supplies the earth with rain; provides food and clothing; heals (as the almighty physician); protects and watches over me/us
131. What different methods does God use to provide for us?
- e.g., He provides with talents and abilities to work;, rain and fertile soil; and doctors and medicines
132. How does our Heavenly Father protect us?
- e.g., He provides a way out of trouble / an escape - he is our refuge and delivers us; he disciplines us for our good; he makes all things in our life serve a purpose... to serve for our good
133. What special creatures does God send for our protection? and 134. What does God tell us about angels?
- e.g., Angel = messenger; our Lord sends them for our protection; they were created during creation; they are holy and serve God and watch over us
135. Why does our heavenly Father preserve and protect us?
- Grace = undeserved love; only because he is our good, loving, and merciful Father... NOT because of anything I have done or because I deserve it
136. What does our heavenly Father's goodness and mercy move us to do?
- e.g., I am compelled to love and thank and praise him for all he has done; I should fear and respect and serve and obey him faithfully; do everything for the glory of my God and Savior.