Apostles' Creed - First Article
The Ruin of God's Creation
Sin and Its Effect on God's Creation
Personal Reflection
  • I can not fathom / begin to comprehend what a perfect creation must have been like (no sickness, pain, arguments, broken families, death, etc.).
  • I need to be more keenly aware of / think about the arguments the devil uses to try to get me to sin.
  • When thinking about our Savior being tempted by Satan in the desert, how often I fail to run to and leverage God's Word to resist the devil.
Catechism #137 - 143 Musings
137. What does the Bible tell us about the evil angels?
- Some angels, not long after creation, revolted against and disobeyed God and became evil; they were condemned to eternal punishment in hell; they are bound in chains to be held for judgment
138. The devil is the chief of the evil angels.  How did the devil ruin God's creation?
- The devil was successful in leading Adam and Eve to rebel (sin) against God
139. What was the result on God's creation of the fall into sin?
- Death and alienation from God and other painful consequences
3 types of death (all involving separation):
1. Spiritual: separation of the soul from God and separation from all spiritual blessings provided by God.  Due to our sinful nature, all of us begin our lives spiritually dead
2. Temporal: separation of the soul from the body and separation from all blessings of life on this earth
3. Eternal: separation from the presence of God and separation from the joys of heaven (eternity in hell)
140. What was the impact of the fall into sin on the image of God?
- The image of God was completely lost.  Since the fall into sin, all of us - as descendants of Adam and Eve - have been born spiritually dead and are by nature hostile toward God
141. What is the devil's goal as he continues to work in God's creation?
The devil wants everyone on earth to suffer, die, and spend eternity with him in hell
142. Why did God not destroy Adam and Eve and all creation?
- Grace.  Because of the Lord's great love... his unwavering and unfailing compassion
143. What has our heavenly Father done to rescue us from the devil's evil plan?
- He sent us a Savior, Jesus Christ, to rescue us... the Son of God destroyed sin, death, and the power of the devil