Questions 205 - 215 "The Church":
Before you start this study, it might be interesting to ask your children, your spouse, or yourself "what is the church"? You undoubtedly will get many answers. Some answers might relate to the building in which we worship. Others might be about the people who are in worship or the music used in worship. Still others might talk about our synod or all people who believe that Jesus lived a perfect life, died, and resurrected from the dead for us so that we can be with him in heaven. Certainly the church is all of those things and much more as this study details. 
We might use this lesson to discuss the comfort we find in knowing that God is with us "where two or three gather in my name..." We can also find comfort knowing that we are united not only with believers at Grace and in our synod, but around the world. In a world with decaying morality and humanism we can use this section to emphasize how tremendous a blessing we have that God's Word is taught in its truth and purity. Realizing all of these blessings will then motivate us to thank God and also tell others about the wonderful gift that we have in The Church.