Luther’s Catechism Questions #32-38
The First Commandment

The First Commandment:
You shall have no other gods

What does this mean?
We should fear, love, and trust in God above all things.

Fear. Love. Trust.

Those three words summarize Luther’s explanation of the First Commandment.  We fear God above all things when we are afraid of his punishment because of our sins and when we are filled with such awe and respect that we don’t want to sin.  We love him above all things when his promise of salvation through Jesus is our most valuable treasure and the focus of our hearts.  We trust him above all things when we bring all of our challenges and needs to him in prayer, believing he can help us.  We demonstrate that trust especially when we look to him to help us with our greatest problem – our sin – and believe his promise that he has forgiven us through Jesus.  In the Bible we can find many examples of people for whom the promises of the God were more valuable than even life itself.  

To Read
In the book of Daniel, read about how three men feared, loved, and trusted God to the point that they were ready to die rather than worship a false god (Daniel 3).