Apostles' Creed - Second Article
Christ's Offices
Personal Reflection
  • The names / titles of our Lord such as...
    • Jesus = "Lord Saves" or "Savior"
    • Christ (Greek) and Messiah (Hebrew) = "anointed"
  • Old Testament worship
    • It included animal sacrifices to show / remind the people that a substitute was needed to make the required payment (the sacrifice of the animals pointed to the coming of the Savior who would shed his blood and serve as the perfect sacrifice) to remove their sin
    • The need for a high priest was a reminder that sin separated the people from God; the high priest represented God's people
  • "Vicarious Atonement" = Jesus willingly served as our substitute and his work reconciled God and people.  Our Lord kept God's law perfectly on my behalf and died the death I deserve.  
  • Good Friday.  What occurred was in fulfillment of promises that were made a long time ago... it played out exactly as God foretold (prophet).  Jesus willingly offered himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world (high priest).  Yet, he was also ruling over all the events of the day to accomplish the redemption of the world (king).
Catechism #149 - 159 Musings
149. What was the significance of anointing throughout the Old Testament?
- To demonstrate that a specific individual had been set apart to serve in a special position or office - as a prophet, priest, or king
150. To what office was Christ anointed?
- Christ - anointed by God - was and still is prophet, priest, and king
151. What were the Old Testament prophets anointed to do?
- Prophets were to speak God's Word to the people - especially the good news of the coming Savior
152. How did Jesus serve as a prophet while he was on the earth?
- e.g., He proclaimed / preached good news regarding the kingdom of God; he shared good news with the poor and proclaimed freedom to captives
153. How does Jesus continue to serve as prophet even now?
- He provides and gives us pastors and teachers and missionaries, etc. ... they are Christ's ambassadors and teach God's Word
154. What were the Old Testament priests anointed to do?
- They were anointed to represent the people in matters related to God and to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins
155. How did Christ Serve as High Priest while he was on the earth?
- He took away the sin of the world by giving himself up as an offering / sacrifice to God
156. How does Jesus continue to serve as High Priest even now?
- He serves as a mediator between God and us; he pleads for us and serves as our advocate with God the Father; he provides and helps when we are being tempted
157. What were the Old Testament kings anointed to do?
- They were anointed to lead and govern the people; fight battles for the people
158. How did Christ serve as King while he was on the earth?
- Jesus conquered sin, death, and the devil
159. How does Jesus continue to serve as King even now?
- He brings new souls under his gracious rule and preserves believers in the one true faith through the Word.  He rules in hearts and over all things (kingdom of power) for the good of the church.  He also rules for the perfect blessing and enjoyment of those in heaven (kingdom of glory)

*All of the above is taken directly from pg. 155 - 162 in Luther's Catechism (NIV)