Resurrection and Eternal life

The study on the resurrection and eternal life this week was one that once again made me realize all of the comfort that God gives us in his word. We should find great comfort knowing that once we die, we will be immediately with him in heaven. We don’t have to struggle in some type of purgatory or limbo like others might believe, but are united with God right after death. Then on the last day, we will be reunited with our bodies, which will become perfect in God’s image for all eternity. No longer will we have to toil with sin or struggle with ailments that afflict us on this earth. All of this also gives us joy and comfort when loved ones who are believers pass away. For those who are not believers, this should also drive us to tell them about this wonderful message so that they can share in this confidence in their death.

We can have confidence in all of this because Jesus already died and rose himself. The resurrection is not some empty promise or something that never happened. It is real, Jesus did it, and it will happen for us on the last day. What a great blessing!