Praise the Lord for Angels

Angels, or the word "angel," appear over 275 times in the Bible.

From the patriarchs to the apostles of Jesus until today the church has held firmly to their existence and has held highly the role angels play in our faith and life.  As a matter of fact, the doctrine of the angels was so valued in the ancient Christian church that many congregations named themselves St. Michael's - referring to the archangel Michael revealed in Scripture as the prince and leader of the angels.  And since the fifth century, when a prominent church building was dedicated with that name on September 29, the Christian church has set aside that date as "St. Michael and All Angels" day – not to worship angels or pray to them or praise them, but to praise the Lord for them. 

"Let [the angels] praise the name of the Lord," Psalm 148 informs us, "for he commanded and they were created."  The angels were part of God's one-time, six-day act of creating the universe and everything in it.  But they were a different part of his creation than any other creature, because they had no physical form, no shape, and God didn't plan for them to inhabit this earth.  Angels are supernatural spirits, invisible beings created by God and commissioned to live in the heavenly realms, far superior to even the most finely-tuned human beings or highly-sophisticated computers.  We're reminded of that in the common Hebrew word for "angel" which means "one with authority, superior official."

Furthermore, angels are not only superior to mankind in position, but also in ability.  Psalm 103:20 calls them "mighty ones.”  The frightening jaws of lions are mighty and strong, but they're no match for the powerful angels who protected Daniel from their hungry bites.  Hurricanes and thunderstorms seem to wreak havoc wherever they wish, but not when they are bridled and bound by the powerful angels and commanded to obey like the fire from heaven that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah or the winds over the earth which will be "held back" by angels at the end of the world.

As awesome as the angels are, isn't God even more awesome because he has accomplished our salvation?  Not only that, but he is our almighty, everlasting, and all-knowing God who created angels to serve us.  Therefore, we will not worship or pray to angels; no, God alone deserves our worship and prayers.  But we can praise the Lord for angels!

Praise the Lord that angels surround his throne in heaven and worship him without stopping.  Praise the Lord that angels listen perfectly to God's commands and always obey when sent on mission to serve us.  "Mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his Word," they are called in Psalm 103. 

When God calls them to protect you, they will protect you; when God calls them to rescue you, they will rescue you; when God calls them to bring your soul to heaven, they will bring your soul to heaven.  Nothing will hinder their interest or ability to do what God asks.

Angels give us comfort and reassurance in times of trouble.  Angels give us a wonderful example of obedience that we can follow (so we pray to God, “your will be done on earth as in heaven”).  They are our constant companions and heavenly helpers.  And we don't need to wait until Christmas to appreciate them, to enjoy them and to praise the Lord for angels!

PRAYER:  If angels worship you, O Lord God, then certainly should I.  Your angels are stronger and wiser than anything or anyone on earth, yet you are stronger and wiser still.  Thank you for employing such capable servants to watch over me.  As I entrust my life and soul to them, I really entrust my life and soul to you, for you are the commander of all angel armies and Savior of my soul.  Help me to remember that you stop at nothing to care for me, and to lead me safely through this world to everlasting life.  Amen.

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