Welcome to the Grace Center!

Grace Center

The Grace Center is a beautiful, modern setting overlooking the historic Grace Lutheran Church. With many amenities to serve your personal and business event needs, the Grace Center has much to offer.

Conveniently located at the corner of Broadway and Juneau in downtown Milwaukee, the Grace Center could be the site of your next special event!

Since opening in 2006, the Grace Center has hosted a variety of personal and business events such as:

Grace Center
  • Wedding receptions
  • Retreats/long range planning meetings
  • Community baby showers
  • Luncheon meetings
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding anniversary parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Tailgate prior to the Milwaukee Bucks game
  • Christmas parties
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Sorority dinners

The Grace Center Events Coordinator is available to assist you in determining which space would suit your event needs. For an appointment or more information, please fill out the form below or call 414-271-3006. Please leave your name and phone numbers where you can be reached.


Sundays @ 7:45, 9:00 & 10:30 am

Mondays @ 6:30 pm

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