Why Grace

God gives reliable answers and sure hope to our world.

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I appreciate that Grace is scripturally sound and Christ-centered.Casey H.

Welcome to Grace!

In the greatest act of selfless mercy, the very Son of God was born in our world to die for your sins. Jesus did not come to find a life for himself, but to give himself up for all people. And we can’t stop talking about it.

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Connect with People

Let’s work together for the benefit of our community towards the most meaningful goals.

Fellowship & Community Events

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Learn & Grow

Whether you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed with your life, God intends fullness for you in his love.

Spiritual Growth

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Serve & Join Others

At Grace, you’re not alone, you are part of a team! Give thanks to God with us and find the joy of serving him and others with your life.

Service Opportunities

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God works in the lives of people by his grace through Jesus Christ.

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From the Bible, we know that truth is not relative or changeable and there is absolute truth found in God's Word.

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“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven."

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Changes in life and emergencies happen all the time. Grace pastors, staff, and members are here for you when you are looking for a hospital visit, counseling about some concern, or just someone to talk to.

Are you or someone you know in need of some prayer? Do you have a special announcement you would like to post? Visit our Prayer Wall & Announcement Page or feel free to call or email us with the information provided below...

Grace is Part of the Community



“My wife Sue and I were looking for a church 20 years ago. We came across Grace - it was kind of a no-brainer - and we still keep coming to Grace even though we live about a half hour away.” – Mike G.